Jagriti Enterprise Network

India is at the cusp of the largest social change in its entire history. Burdened with a legacy of 1.3 billion to feed and another 12 million being added every year, it has the colossal task of balancing growth with supporting its population in a productive manner. With 58% of its population living in smaller towns and villages, there is an ever-increasing migration to major cities like Delhi and Mumbai threatening the resource limits therein.

The next 20 years are crucial. With 100 million jobs required and the young population peaking in 30 years, conventional job growth has failed to bail us out. This is the time to Build India through Enterprise.

Jagriti Enterprise Network (JEN) is fulfilling this need with its unique incubation program targeted at Tier 2 & 3 district enterprises in India. Determined to decimate India’s vicious unemployment issue at its root, it has chosen a very unconventional rural enterprise-led district-development model focusing on this middle India. JEN brings this ecosystem of investors, lenders, industry experts and professionals to the grass-roots using technology, local infrastructure and last-mile on-ground field force connecting entrepreneur and ecosystem to create the largest and deepest enterprise ecosystem the country has ever seen.


To become the largest enterprise ecosystem in the country that creates purpose and employment at scale in Tier II and Tier III districts of India.


To touch 1 Lakh skilled and enterprise impacts by 2022 the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence, through the integration of enterprise incubation at a district level,enterprise center to promote regional development and youth inspiration through national journey (s)

Organization Values

  • Deliver outstanding “quality” in every work that we do
  • Provide “equal opportunities” to all – both within the organization and our beneficiaries (e.g.; we aspire to maintain a gender ratio of 50% within our team and our beneficiaries)
  • Work with unwavering “integrity & ethics” in all our businesses
  • Driven by a “passion to build” – it reflects in all our pursuits